After 3 months of research, testing different models, brands and sizes, not to mention the shop expert’s patience, I finally found the perfect budget/application balance in my mobile machine!
2012 54″ Salsa / Vaya… in other words this is a touring bike. Is almost as responsive as my road bike but way more comfortable to keep riding for long distances loaded with the stuff needed for some months worth of traveling.

Not to mention who, but I heard many riders bragging about their great british Brooks saddle handmade to the original design of the 1800’s… So Sheri Hanna, thanks for being the last one in giving this and other recommendations. This saddle is great! It looks just like any postman cyclist in Mexico, except that mine is not supported by springs.

Big thanks to Meg and Gary (in the picture at the shop, bicyclerevolutions) who did a great job tolerating all my changes and questions about every article we pulled out. Also thanks to Bryan for dropping the prices from retail figures.

The weather is not helping to take the bike out for testing long rides but I already loaded the panniers with books and did some tests.

Coming home
Coming home

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