I got to ride my bike fully loaded twice to work over the last weeks and it was such a great experience. Got to see some wild life crossing north-Philly but I guess I’m rather safe doing that at 6:30 am, so everything went pretty well. Salsa (the bike) is extremely forgiving when it comes to hitting something I shouldn’t in the road but is somehow quiet pensive when it comes to quick acceleration or breaking… I know, this is not a road / racing bike.

So, my road cyclist friends, don’t get disappointed, but doing this mileage with a bit of weight on the bike is actually interesting and challenging…



Other than that, I’ve been swimming and spinning. This is nowhere close to where I wanted to be but is all I could do.

This Monday was my last day at work. Yes, very exciting, but since this was planned long ago, it just felt like reading a book I wrote ages ago. Any normal working day with 6sh hours night sleep I kind of wake up negotiating with myself the pros and cons of why should I wake up. After Monday I was hoping to just keep sleeping but I consistently woke up around 5am no mater if I only slept 5 hours or less.

So the last days have been a bit stressful no ‘nice’ workouts, only packing and moving, no good sleep nights, no time to space out. On the positive side, everything has gone as planned, have seen almost all friends I wanted to see, have sold/donated/thrown away the stuff I don’t need. My friends Corbin and Marianne have been great hosts over the last couple of days. Have safely stored the stuff I think I need or maybe I’ll keep for another year.

Today, my departure day, I woke up at 5am again for no reason, had the best massage in years as my ayurvedic therapist came to my friends’ house at 8am and worked on my stressed bundle of meat and bones for 90 minutes. (Thanks Rachael!) This was followed by final packing and cleaning, ate ranchero eggs with the 6 eggs (5x whites) I had left in the fridge with tortilla and salsa, then hopped into Sheri’s car who gave me a ride to the airport and did a quick stop to the bike shop to pick up the bike boxes. We were pointed to pick up two boxes, so I just hope what I’m taking to Frankfurt and then Bilbao is my Salsa and nothing else.

Three of my four panniers are packed with my bike and I’m taking as carry-on one of the rear ones. This thing is so heavy an uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder, that I wanted to walk all the way to the united club or other VIP lounge nearby but I just decided to stay at a wine bar right next to my gate. Now I’m having some wine and smoked salmon at the airport and about to board my plane :)

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