I had a very nice long breakfast and conversation at Eric and Monique’s house. After an extended dinner with a few bottles of wine we still had some topics to talk about. My overall experience in Netherlands was finding friendly people, but they were over the top… just consider that they were open to invite a Mexican cycling Europe to their place and feed him.

I rode north to Zaanse Schans to find the typical hollandaise view.






Needless to say that Amsterdam is a great city. The problem is, like any other big city, how to move on my own with 4 panniers and a bicycle that is more desirable than the average bike on the street. I was advised that Bikenkorf (like an upscale Macy’s or Mayers) offered lockers on the top floor, it took me long time but I finally found an empty side of a pole on the street. Covered the saddle with a plastic bag, locked salsa and walked with my 18kg of panniers across the block and up to the fourth floor. Surprise, surprise, there were no empty lockers. I reversed everything I did and rode to the train station where I could store salsa and my panniers for a generous fee. I then went to the just opened museum for the new king celebration, Rijkmuseum and the FOAM -photography-. The first one is overwhelming and like the Louvre, there is no way you even make a dent in a couple of hours, but is very impressive. The second one I enjoyed a little more as I can relate more to photography than European art, yes call me ignorant if you will.







I cycled then to my friend Franka’s house who kindly offered accommodation for the night. Got myself clean and went to see some of Amsterdam at night.





Here is the link for today’s ride.


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