This part of the trip has been way too comfortable. I slept long hours, had breakfast, catch up with admin stuff, and had lunch with Katherine and the kids.
Then Samuel helped me to paste the flags of the countries I’ve visited on my panniers and hit the road to Baden.



Some km before making it to Baden I had spoke number 4 breaking on my right tire. Again was a spoke from the right side braking on the nut area. I took it to the shop and they suggested changing all of the spokes to alpine ones (thicker), I hope this solves my problem now.

I took the bus to Baden and met my friend Hugo at the station. He and his wife, Arlen, took me to a bar nearby for some drinks to catchup. I was lucky enough to talk to Claudia her sister on the phone for a quick update too. Last time I saw him was right here in Baden (2005) when I lived here and he came on a working trip, when he said the town was nice but he did not see himself living here. We had a great dinner and conversation, as always I could not stop eating even long after everyone did. The connection of this friendship was originally through his brother Anibal who is no longer with us, but they are like part of a big family to me. Glad to know they are a very happy couple enjoying the time here and seeing the challenges of living in CH very positively.


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