During this trip I’ve been close to three cycling races in the Netherlands, Belgium, and today, Switzerland. The first two were pro levels so I was kicked out of the road, but the later one was for common planet Earth habitants. I was riding from Lausanne to Geneva (my final destination being Annecy) and all of a sudden found myself within the race which gave one lap around the lake.

I missed this environment and decided to play the game, I did let go the faster riders, -or rather they skipped an obstacle… Me- and found a group I felt comfortable riding with. I stayed at the end of the pack bearing in mind I would need triple the time to slow down. Salsa’s disk breaks were great, but the rain and the extra weight made her react way too late for emergencies, and in this event everyone would break down on the very last minute with their snappy road if not triathlete bike -I would do that, anyway-.

An hour passed by and I asked myself, “what a hell I’m doing here?”. I had a whole day to ride, tomorrow, the day after, and so on… I did not need to race. I waved goodbye “my” team and decided to take a break at the lake shore now that the rain decided to shed some blue patches to be seen up there.

I made my way to Geneva, fortunately I’ve visited most of the main attractions that were present on my way such as, the United Nations, the Red Cross museum, etc.

Traveling by bicycle is not only cheap, healthy but quickly shifts you to different realities and situations. I started the day racing, something that normally takes weeks to plan. I had lunch at the lake, next to a park where a guy played with his daughter, and I spent some time at Geneva lake front side next to all kind of people having a stroll after lunch.

For third and last time I left Switzerland to enter the Annecy area, found this great bridge from 1838 with an impressive view of the alps on the left side. The road started to be a bit hilly and I ran out of water. I’m only carrying one bottle of water to eliminate weight and because so far has been easy to find water sources… Not in France though. I asked someone at the street of a town if I could have a refill and had no problems to get it. Not sure if this will be the strategy going forward though.





Finally made it to Annecy, a really nice town next to a lake and high mountains.







I finished my day with quite a big dinner. A salad with eggs, potatoes, and a 1cm shredded cheese coating, was a meal on its own. Followed by a fantastic mushroom fondue and a mousse au chocolate to wrap up. If I don’t head north of the 61kg zone with this diet I have no what else to do.



Here is today’s ride.


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