Cayo Levisa

Cuba day 4. Palma Rubia (Cayo Levisa) – Viñales

Palma Rubia is not only a handy stop to break the road towards Viñales but it is the closest place to sleep around Cayo Levisa. Never mind the 35CUC needed to take you there that includes the boat trip, two drinks, and the rather regular meal. The beach is absolutely amazing, picture Cancun a few … Continue reading Cuba day 4. Palma Rubia (Cayo Levisa) – Viñales

Cuba day 3. Cabañas – Palma Rubia

Luis and Anabel were amazing hosts in Cabañas, they were nice enough to arrange the next accommodation in Palma Rubia with dinner ready. Anabel was an Agricultural Engineer whom like many more people in the island -and around the world-, left her profession because managing her own Casa Particular was more profitable. Luis & Anabel … Continue reading Cuba day 3. Cabañas – Palma Rubia

Cuba day 2. La Habana – Cabanas

Cycling Cuba is great because of the 50’s traffic. But cycling La Habana in the early morning of January 1st is a luxury. We rode through the remnants of the previous nights celebration that was still alive but much quieter. An older guy yelled “free money” while compacting beer cans and throwing them into a … Continue reading Cuba day 2. La Habana – Cabanas


Built during Cuba's highest economic peak, the Capitolio was, by far, the most expensive building in Cuba. One of its many rooms held a diamond that belonged to the last Russian Zar but it was lost after the revolution and its whereabouts are still unknown. It is said that this diamond was used as the … Continue reading Capitolio

8 Tips when cycling through Cuba

Immigration randomly requests travel insurance. Luckily we had that ready and printed because we thought that was needed for the visa. Not sure what would have happened if we didn’t bring it, maybe just a warning.Be patient when landing. The process was long from landing to exiting the airport. If you ever went through secondary … Continue reading 8 Tips when cycling through Cuba