D-34 Antibes (F) – (MC) – Ventimiglia (I)

Camping and traveling by bike is one of those things that keep you very busy without seeing quick results. I spent all morning arranging things, storing stuff, and getting myself ready. A lot of work to have everything just as it was before, no improvement or anything to be seen. The kind of work that … Continue reading D-34 Antibes (F) – (MC) – Ventimiglia (I)

D-29 Corps (F) – Savines le Lac (F)

El desayuno no fue tan impresionante como la cena de ayer pero el pan dulce lo hacían ahí mismo y no tenía abuela. Salí relativamente tarde, como en los últimos días, ya que me dormí como a las 3am haciendo el blog. El cielo estaba azul pero no duraría mucho, me apuré y poco después … Continue reading D-29 Corps (F) – Savines le Lac (F)

D-26 Lausanne (CH) – Annecy (F)

During this trip I've been close to three cycling races in the Netherlands, Belgium, and today, Switzerland. The first two were pro levels so I was kicked out of the road, but the later one was for common planet Earth habitants. I was riding from Lausanne to Geneva (my final destination being Annecy) and all … Continue reading D-26 Lausanne (CH) – Annecy (F)